1st Module - VERN Zagreb

Program Topics: Creativity, Communication, Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship

Methods: Experiential workshops in innovation processes, design thinking methodology in practice, round table, case study, site visits



  • Introduction to the training programme for Managers
  • Types of entrepreneurship (out of opportunity and out of necessity; business, technological and social, effectuation entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Creativity and out-of-the-box-thinking- processes related to innovation, ideation, inspiration
  • Spectrum of activities between social activity and social entrepreneurship – exploring aspects such as social action to philanthropy
  • Social innovation models for business performance and innovation
  • Defining problems (problem tree technique)
  • Defining solutions (after proper definition of problems)
  • Co-creation of novel services through a multi-agent framework (integration of social components into existing projects)
  • Multi-sectoral and interdisciplinary communication and cooperation (Tripe/Quadruple/Quintuple Helix)
  • Participation in a public debate on the respective draft law(s)
  • Management of innovation hubs

2nd Module - KIIT Bhubaneswar

Program Topics: Business development process for social enterprises and social start-ups

Method: Frontal classroom learning



  • Features of social start-ups
  • Basic principals in preparing a business plan for social enterprises
  • Social Business Model Canvas
  • Marketing components and marketing strategy within the business plan
  • Basic financial analysis
  • Building consulting and business development skills
  • Social capital, networks and resources (to include financial, human and intellectual capital)
  • Scalability and growth strategies for social enterprises (to include organic growth and social franchising)

3rd Module - Edinburgh UK

Program Topics: Managing social hubs – “SinnoLAB”

Method:  Study through practical experience and meetings with social hub managers



  • Market analysis including strategy and marketing tools for hub development
  • Financing hub start-up and growth (including sources of funds and fund raising methods
  • Innovation management
  • Engaging with stakeholders, including developing connections with governmental, business and third sector organisations
  • Leadership and stakeholder communications
  • Working with social investors and social “angels”