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The Tel Hai school of education’s 6th annual conference was held today, 04.16.2018, dedicated to “social responsibility in academia”. The initiative for organizing this conference was influenced by the training sessions we had in the SILICE program. One of the conference’s main parts directly regarded issues studied in manager and teacher SILICE training sessions.

During this session, Dr. Sami Bahat explained to students the characteristics of social and educational entrepreneurship, presented them with the mentor system for entrepreneurship established in Tel Hai and invited the students to initiate and use this system both in order to plan and implement their various initiatives

Dr. Ofra Walter – Head of the Education Department – presented the students with her impressions from visiting the KIIS boarding school as part of the training course held in Bhubaneswar India. In addition, she presented them with the new entrepreneurship room that was inaugurated in Tel Hai and encouraged them to use it to promote their initiatives.

Dr. Adam Weiler Gur Aryeh presented his impressions from meeting with Prof. Saroj Nyak who runs the social project KARMA –  (the meeting was also held as part of the course in India).


Dr. Zeevik Greenberg

Dr. Zeevik Greenberg

Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Human Services My studies are integrating between human geography and sociology. In the last seven years, I was the dean of students. I have a deep knowledge of the challenges of students how are part of minority groups and experience at the situations of cultural diversity at the higher education institution.

Dr Daniela Levi

Dr Daniela Levi

earned her Ph.D. in May, 2017 in the field of Electrochemistry (Including Chemical Sources of Electricity) from the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IEES-BAS, Bulgaria). She worked as Chief Expert in Applied Research and Innovations in the Field of Energy Efficiency and Eco-technologies in the Joint Innovation Centre of BAS (JIC-BAS) for 11 years. She also worked as Director and Project manager of Technology Transfer Office – PROINNO which implemented the project “Integration of innovative solutions for energy efficiency and intelligent urban environment” carried out with the financial support of OP “Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy” (2007-2013) for 4 years. Additionally, she worked as a Senior expert in the Enterprise Europe Network project where JIC-BAS has been a partner in the Bulgarian consortium since 2008. She graduated with a second Master’s degree in Industrial management in 2007. She was also a Horizon 2020 NCP in “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” from 2014 till 2017. She has been consulting in project proposal development and project implementation under the European Structural Funds (Bulgaria), the European Framework Programmes (FP7, Horizon 2020), the South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme (2007-2013), the Transnational Cooperation Programme INTERREG Balkan-Mediterranean (2014-2020) and the ENI CBC “Mediterranean Sea Basin” Programme (2014-2020) since 2010. She was involved in several projects on national and European level as project manager and expert. Since August 2017, she is working at MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute, Israel as Senior Expert in European Research Funding Programmes. Currently, since November 2017, she works at Tel-Hai Academic College, Israel, as Project manager of SILICE, Erasmus + Project.

Dr. Sammy Bahat

Lecturer at the Tel Hai Academic College, a urban and regional planner with a background in business administration and general management. specialization in teaching and research in the various aspects of promoting small and medium enterprise (SMEs) and the spatial dimensions of start up firms and technological entrepreneurship in the periphery. In the other years I have been engaged. In the fields of entrepreneurship and social innovation, both in the academic framework and through involvement in promoting social business ventures in the region.

Dr. Ofra Walter

Senior lecturer and the  head of  the Education Department. I developed educational academic projects and community guidance.  I served as an  academic advisor in Israel, the U.S. and England. I holds a Ph.D. from the University of Raskin (England) from 2007. Served as a consultant and researcher in collaboration with the British Ministry of Education to develop a plan foran interventional integrated program in special education.

Dr. Ayala Cohen

Senior lecturer and head of the of Social Work Department .I developed a unique track ‘Policy Practice Studies’ that prepares students to be socially active in influencing social policy at the local and national levels, together with service users. involved in activities and initiatives in civil society. I also evaluates community programs and advises the Ministry of Social Affairs in Israel in community development at departments of social services.

Dr. Anat raviv

lecturer in Tel Chai Academic college, the head program of

Learning Disabilities in the Education department and Human Services department.

Teaching in multiple academic institutions in Israel, lecturer in global conferences

and author 0f books and academic studies in education.

Dr. Raviv is also the CEO of ‘Revivim Consulting and Guidance Ltd.’ Providing courses for teachers’ development on a nation-wide scale.

CEO of ‘Meital’ voluntary association, a social association providing assistance for children with learning disabilities and disorders, guidance for their parents and teachers at school. Expert researcher of multi-dimensional learning, focusing on teaching and learning strategies in the post-modern era Integrating learning technologies. Expert in students with special needs, guiding parents and teachers on how to deal with their kids experiencing learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder. Developing a new approach of a dignifying respectful communication between the parents, children and teachers.

Dr. Adam Weiler-Gur-Arie

PhD in philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem on the philosophy of Thomas Reed (18 th century Scottish philosopher). Lecturer at Tel Hai College in the Education Department Teaching courses in the context of educational thought, critical thinking and Israeli society. Under the guidance of Prof. Mark Steiner Current research areas: different aspects of Reed philosophy, philosophy, science, philosophy of education, for twenty years teacher and educator in high schools.

Shuli Sapir

Director of the Dean of Students and Director of the “Israeli Hope in the Academy” Program at the Tel Hai Academic College in partnership with the Council for Higher Education and the President’s Residence. I holds a BA in political science and Arabic from Bar-Ilan University and a graduate student in Galilee studies at Tel Hai Academic College . I manages the Dean’s Office and a staff of about 20 employees in a variety of positions. In recent years I has been specializing in accompanying social programs and creating work relations and development for foundations, organizations and local authorities in partnership with the College.

Yifat Koren Zimran

Head of the Community Relations Department at Tel Hai Academic College. She holds a BA in Political Science and Jewish Thought from the Hebrew University and an MA in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University. The department, headed by Yifat, is involved in entrepreneurship and social involvement of students, and in creating regional dialogue between the local authorities. Yifat served as deputy director of the New Spirit Ngo in Jerusalem and established a number of social initiatives dealing with young people in Jerusalem.

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